A Delight for Tired Souls

The emerald gem of Northeast India, Assam greets you with abundance of mesmerising landscapes away from the glitz and glamour of urban cities. This beautiful state has been specially carved by the almighty with the waters of serenity and simplicity, making it a haven for tired souls. Over the years, people of all age groups and likes have been flocking here with the sole aim of exploring the most vivid facades of nature. Be it eye-opening history or elaborate culture, be it vibrant festivals or delectable food, Assam tour packages promise all.

People & Culture

A true melange of the oriental and occidental races, Assam is the land of diversity. There are many tribal (Mongoloid, Bodo and khamti) and non-tribal (Ahoms, Chutiyas and Morans) groups settled in Assam, bringing their own cultures and traditions here, making this land multi-lingual, multi-ethnic and multi-religious. However, one thread that weaves them all together is their sheer physical beauty, intricately woven attires and vibrant lifestyle, making the backdrop of Assam look even more colourful.

Sightseeing Attractions

Assam can be called a jack of all traits when it comes to the attractions dotted here. While the wildlife lovers can visit Kaziranga National Park, Dibru Saikhowa National Park and Orang National Park, spirituality seekers can head towards the Kamakhya Temple, Purva Tirupati Shri Balaji temple and ISKCON Guwahati. Those looking for some moments of peace and relaxation can explore Haflong Lake, Diphu, Umrangshu and a cruise ride on River Brahmaputra.

Dance & Music

Bygone era sculptures depict the importance of dance and music in the history of Assam. Devadasi, Ojapali and Satriya are the most popular dance forms here, taught to every local since childhood. Some of the dance forms of Assam are associated with their festivals. For example, dances of Bodos play a great role during the Kherai Puja festivals where the dancers hop, swing, bend and unbend to create a magic through their coordinated movements.

The music of Assam has been divided into Borgeet and Ojapali, reflected in the traditional folksongs and ballads. The music of Assam has both East and Southeast Asian influences, making it a perfect blend for your ears.


The locals of Assam are known for their exquisite skills deployed to make bamboo and cane products, an inseparable part of the lifestyle of Assamese. Most of the household items, handicrafts and souvenirs are made of bamboo and cane as they grow in abundance here. Jappi, the beautiful sunshade, is still the most luring bamboo item bought by every tourist booking tour package to Assam. Apart from this, travellers can also explore wooden crafts, tribal masks, traditional jewels and local paintings, narrating the culture and history of Assam. One can find number of government emporiums and shopping markets in Assam selling local stuff at knock down prices.


People of Assam know how to indulge in festivities. Most of the festivals celebrated here are deeply rooted into the local cultures and have great tales veiling in the pages of history. Some of the major festivals that can be explored by the travellers taking holiday tour packages to Assam include in Bihu (middle of April), Baishagu (February), Ali-Ai-Ligang (February), Baikho (April-May), Rongker (April), Rajini Gabra Harni Gabra (April), Bohaggiyo Bishu (April), Ambubachi Mela (mid of June) and Jonbeel Mela (January- February). All these festivals reflect the lifestyle of locals and are great occasions to mingle with them to know this place better.


The locals of Assam are by and large non-vegetarian. Their dishes are known for simplicity, cooked with locally found ingredients. All the dishes contain a typical rich taste that lingers on your tongue forever. Locals prefer eating staple diet including rice with fish or meat dishes. Cuisines such as Duck meat curry (duck meat cooked with Ash Gourd), Maasor tenga (tangy fish curry), Aloo Pitika (mashed potatoes cooked in local spices) and Baanhgajor Lagot Kukura (chicken with bamboo shoot) are popular among Assamese. Also, for those having a sweet tooth, pitha (moulded sticky rice cake with black sesame filling) is a perfect pick served mostly during the Bihu festival.

Weather Conditions

Assam is situated in the North-East region of India. The months from November to March (winters and summers) are considered as the best time to visit Assam. While the winter months of this beautiful state are chilling but pleasurable, summer months transform it into a blissful retreat. Monsoon season can be avoided due to heavy rains.

How to Reach

Guwahati’s Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport is the closest airport of Assam located just 25 km away from the city. Those planning to take a train journey can get down at Guwahati, the rail hub of Assam. The state also enjoys marvellous road network with neighbouring states like West Bengal, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh. Road travel must be avoided during monsoon season when driving can be hazardous.

Getting Around

Getting around in Assam is a hassle free task, thanks to the abundance of bus and taxi services and water transport available. Assam State Road Transport Corporation operates a number of buses within the state. Extravagant travellers can pamper themselves by booking a ride on luxury buses which take you to the major destinations of the state. Some areas of Assam can be explored only through inland waterways, presenting some picturesque facades of Assam. Apart from this, taxis, auto rickshaws, cycle rickshaws and mini buses are also available to travel to short distances.

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