Ajanta and Ellora
Epitome of Rich Indian Architectural Brilliance

Painting the rich Indian traditions, cultures and religion in the most beautiful way, Ajanta and Ellora caves are sheer delight that make everyone wonder and ponder in disbelief. The caves are living exemplar of India’s rich heritage mirrored through intricate carvings and magnificent paintings. These world heritage caves are epitome of antique Indian rock-cut architecture that one needs to see to believe. When Ellora came in the notice of historians, they shifted their focus from Ajanta to Ellora, leaving the former deserted. However, Ajanta caves still stand with pride housing some renowned ‘frescoes’ of unfathomable heritage value.

Ajanta Caves

Beautifully placed in a secluded river valley 105km northeast of Aurangabad, Ajanta Caves are much older than Ellora. Renowned for their ‘frescoes’, the caves of Ajanta flaunt extremely beautiful interiors that show artistic fineness and brilliant execution. Despite their age, these caves still possess a fineness that makes them stand apart. Listed among the World Heritage Sites by the UNESCO, Ajanta looks like Buddhist temples, housing striking statutes and sculptures of Lord Buddha.

Ellora Caves

Located 30km from Aurangabad, Ellora Caves are true personification of ancient Indian rock-cut architecture. These caves were carved by Buddhist, Hindu and Jain monks for over five centuries. Unlike Ajanta Caves, these caves line a 2km-long scarp with a slope that helped architects to raise intricate courtyards facing the shrines, and beautify them with dreamlike sculptures.

Ellora houses 34 caves, including 12 Buddhist (AD 600-800), 17 Hindu (AD 600-900) and five Jain (AD 800-1000). The Kailasa Temple is the grandest one with the world’s largest monolithic sculpture. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple holds great importance among Hindus. There are 12 Buddhist caves among Ellora Caves known for their calmness and dramatic Buddha sculptures. Dating back to the ninth and tenth century AD, Jain Caves of Ellora are beautified with extremely intricate detailing that charms the heart of every art lover.

How to Reach

The nearest airport to reach Ajanta and Ellora Caves is located in Aurangabad that connects these beautiful sites to all the parts of the country. Regular buses, cars and autos are available in abundance between Aurangabad and these World Heritage Sites.

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